The Camp Transformation Center of Chino California

14626 Central Ave., Chino, 91710

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About Our Community Support

The Camp Transformation Center Chino California operates on the premise of providing its members with close-knit, communal support and engagement. Once you join, you instantly become a member of our Awesome Fit Family (AFF), which means you’ll never be alone on your journey to better health and wellness. All of our trainers, staff, and members rely on one another for motivation, accountability, emotional support, and encouragement – where it just feels like family. At The Camp, you’ll never be judged on your ability or experience level, nor compared to the progress of others. You’ll discover that we’ve created a positive and uplifting environment where everyone always feels right at home.

Why Community Support Matters

At The Camp Transformation Center Chino California, we know that the journey to improve your fitness, health, and wellness can be difficult. In fact, it can often be a real struggle to get the results you desire. But as any health or fitness expert will tell you – participating in a group that holds each other accountable dramatically increases your chance of successful outcomes. Our Awesome Fit Family (AFF) will always be here to offer the guidance, support, and encouragement you need to reach your personal goals. We want to show you that working out can be fun – something you look forward to – not a chore. If you’ve been looking for your “Fitness Family,” you’ve found it in The Camp Transformation Center, and we’re waiting with open arms to welcome you.

What Our Members Say