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People who join The Camp Transformation Center’s Awesome Fit Family (AFF) do so because they’re serious about weight loss and leading a healthier, happier lifestyle. The many tried and true fitness programs we’ve developed over the years combine challenging bootcamp-style workouts with knowledgeable advice on nutrition. Both initiatives are designed to work in concert with one another to help you achieve your weight loss goals. What’s the typical outcome? Noticeable results in the way you look, feel, and act. We’re all about real people and real results.

Below are several testimonials from members of The Camp Transformation Center Chino California, detailing their personal fitness and nutritional journeys. Each of these first-person accounts come from real people who achieved real results. What their stories have in common is simple – if you follow the guidelines of our custom fitness programs and put in the required work, you too can meet your fitness goals.

We invite you to join The Camp Transformation Center Chino California today to begin your personal fitness journey. And perhaps one day soon, we’ll have the honor of featuring your weight loss success story!

Mandy Oliver

The Camp Transformation requires a few things when you sign the contract for the 6 Week 20lbs Challenge, such as: the upfront cost, commitment, nutrition plan, check-ins, changing your FB picture to the challenge and post a review. While it may seem a lot, but if you are determined, as I was and still am. The trainers and staff truly care about all challengers and members. They push you to the limits. I lost 7.1 the first week with healthy eating and intensive circuit exercising, by the 3rd week, I was in a lull. I continued to eat on the plan, exercise and do my own extra cardio. By the 5th week I was concerned U wouldn’t lose the 7 pounds to hit the goal. Helen, a staff member, put me on a strict nutrition eating plan to make it… Saturday, I weighed in and lost 20.2 pounds!!

The Camp was exactly what I needed to gear me into a healthier lifestyle. I have signed up for my first Spartan Race in December and will conquer that too! I’m incredibly thankful to The Camp and all staff, including members and challengers are a family. If you’re thinking it’s a scam, you’re dead wrong. They don’t advertise, we, the members and challengers are the advertisement!

Meal Prep by LJ

I am often asked, “What made you start a Meal Prep Company??” With New Years Resolutions around the corner….I thought it’s time to share my story….cuz you too can change your tomorrow.

Sooo I was looking through pics from the past 10 years, and was debating on which ones to choose. 10 years ago VS now? Hmmmm…. I was going to go with all the cute “cookie cutter” ones of me smiling…but started to see a pattern in all of those as the years went on, and felt compelled to keep it very real and be very vulnerable with all of you in hopes I can touch just ONE person that is struggling, and let them know there is hope.

10 years ago I was freshly divorced after spending over a decade with someone. I was ready to bolt to a new chapter…a new life…so away I went! I packed my U-Haul and traveled around the world like a gypsy with absolutely zero care given. The character I built while I was a rebel without a cause is priceless….I would never change that, but the common denominator was my addictive personality. It didn’t matter what it was…uppers, downers, alcohol, Bulimia, NyQuil (yes-NyQuil) I mean, you name it, I abused it. I was out of touch with my emotions and addicted to anything that would cover up the pain that I kept hidden for so long. I lived that way for a very long time. My black outs were getting worse. My sister would have to video tape me while we were out cuz I couldn’t remember shit the next day. The stories get much worse as my compulsive/destructive behavior was at its peak. Anyways…my 20’s flew by living that hard life…and that bar life took over my soul.

It was my 30th…and I was TIRED of being sick and tired. I was ready to face the underlying issues that I tried so desperately to cover up. I was Ready to change. So away I went! I entered myself into detox then to a treatment center for 42 days. There I learned one thing…I was NOT alone. I was surrounded by all walks of life struggling with addiction. Doctors, nurses, lawyers, bartenders, or people that were just court ordered. Some wanting the change, others being forced. But me? I wanted the change. I was in it to win it. 42 days later…I was ready to live a life without goggles for the first time since the age of 12.

Shortly after, I signed up for my first weight loss challenge with The Camp Transformation Center and my world was forever changed. I realized I could over come ANY obstacle. At that point I accepted the lord back into my life and dove head first into making myself a better person. Before I always told myself …”you’ll never make it” “you don’t know shit about business” “you’re too old now to pursue your passions” all those thoughts we tell ourselves because we are too scared to get out of our comfort zone…we are scared of failure. All those thoughts are bullshit. Self sabotage at its finest. I lived that way for a very long time and I refused to be my worst enemy any longer. After successfully completing my first challenge, I found my strength/focus, and at that time, “Meal Prep By LJ” was born. I was ready to put all that creativity and positive energy towards something that could not only improve my life, but help others along the way.

Am I “cured” u ask? Hell no…I will forever be on the road of recovery because addiction is an illness, but I have learned all the coping skills I need to tackle each and every day with a positive outlook, and take one day at a time.

It’s never too late to change. You too CAN change your tomorrow. So 10 years ago VS Now? ya…I’d say I’m winning!

-Lindsay Johnson

Kelly Murphy Marshall

just completed my 1st challenge and lost a whopping 24 pounds in 6 weeks! This is the same 24 pounds I have been trying to lose for 10 years with diet pills, starvation diets and every crazy tactic out there. But losing the weight simply came down to clean eating and exercising. I am not only thinner, but I am stronger. My body is toned and I no longer have excruciating back pain so I can skip having that disc replacement surgery!

The gym attracts a great group of people who all are there for the same purpose. Everyone encourages each other to stay positive on their weight loss journey. What’s I really like is how the trainers do all the thinking for you. You don’t have to figure out what exercises your going to do and it’s never redundant. All you need to do is get your self to the gym 5 times a week and push yourself for 50 minutes to get a great work out in. The workouts are exhausting and the food is not exciting but it’s the best food for our bodies put on this earth. I feel great with more energy and ironically sleep better than ever.

Best of all, I like what I see in the mirror. I want to see how else my body can transform in such a short amount of time, so I have signed up t do another challenge in January!!

Claudia Ramirez

The Camp Transformation Center is the place to be if you really want a serious change in life and health for better. This is an amazing place to get real results, melt your lbs down, change your life for good, kill bad habits, build strength and find true people with the same objective as you and also make friends why not.

The staff and trainers are awesome and their one and main objective is to gelp you reach your goal. You can always reach out to them for any questions you may have as well as everyone involved. If you really want a change in your life this is the place all you got to do is take the 1st step into changing your life, listen to what they tell you, work your buns off and hard everything they say it’s gonna happen will happen because they truly care for you and are committed to help you at all times.

I just finished my 1st challenge lost a bunch of inches and melted 26.7 lbs in 6 weeks and I feel so happy because all the hard work really paid off now I’m ready for my 2nd challenge and ready to loose more lbs and inches and gain more health & strength beleive me this really works and in a very magical way so if your interested open your eyes, ears and heart and start your transformation now I’m ready to see where my 2nd journey takes me I’m loving it!!!

* Results may vary from person to person

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