The Camp Transformation Center of Dublin

6521 Sierra Lane, Dublin, CA 94568

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About Our Version Group Training

The Camp Transformation Center Dublin offers a wide variety of group training sessions, each designed to help you reach your fitness goals in a supportive environment. But no matter the challenge, members of our Awesome Fit Family (AFF) always empower each other by celebrating our shared progress – no matter how small. It’s nonstop positive support – delivered without pretense or pressure.

Why Group Training is Better

At The Camp Transformation Center Dublin, we’re obsessed with helping people reach their personal health and wellness goals. Thanks to decades of experience in fitness and nutrition, we understand the value of communal training in a supportive group. Empirical evidence of group training’s value can be found everywhere you look. One particular study in the Society of Behavioral Medicine discovered that working out in a team environment resulted in exercising twice as long as solo participants. Consider these additional benefits you’ll receive during group training sessions at The Camp Transformation Center Dublin:

  • Enhances competitive spirit and performance
  • Increases commitment levels
  • Provides more inspiration and motivation
  • Less likely to skip, reduce, or quit workouts
  • Provides accountability
  • Pushes your threshold of ability further
  • Increases likelihood of trying new and different workouts
  • Releases more endorphins and boosts mood
  • Encourages you to maintain good habits
  • Bonds you to other like-minded group members
  • Creates a real camaraderie among participants
  • Allows for continuous positive feedback loops

Come Join The Camp – A Place Where You Belong

If you’ve been looking for a workout tribe you can call your own, we invite you to come explore the difference as a member of the Awesome Fit Family (AFF) here at The Camp Transformation Center Dublin.

What Our Members Say

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Tim Sledge Jan 1, 2024

Love this place…amazing and inspiring

Erica Stone Prado May 5, 2023