The Camp Transformation Center of Dublin

6521 Sierra Lane, Dublin, CA 94568

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Ready for the Ultimate Challenge?

Explore Your Limits with The Camp’s Elite Strength Training Program at Dublin

The Best of the Best

The Camp Transformation Center Dublin is proud to offer our Elite Strength Training Program for members who want to experience a more intense workout regimen comprising both HIIT and strength training. This program offers personalized training for small groups – no more than 8 at a time. During 8 one-hour sessions each month, you test your physical and mental limits like never before.

Program Highlights

Under up-close and personal conditions, participants in The Camp’s Elite Strength Training Program can expect the following:

  • 8 small group-oriented, high intensity (HIIT) workout sessions (1 hour each)
  • Continuous personalized coaching and encouragement
  • Tight-knit support and accountability, where achievements are celebrated
  • Nutritional guidance designed to fuel your body for highly physical training sessions
  • Diverse and challenging workouts designed to build strength and endurance
  • Challenges to your physical and mental limitations

The Camp Transformation Center Dublin Elite Strength Training Program is designed for experienced participants who are willing to challenge themselves to become the Best of the Best.

What Our Members Say

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Tim Sledge Jan 1, 2024

Love this place…amazing and inspiring

Erica Stone Prado May 5, 2023