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The Camp Transformation Center Laguna Hills is proud to offer our proprietary Peak Physique Program, designed for active fitness participants looking to take their body sculpting effort to the next level. The Peak Physique Program is a fitness bootcamp challenge that runs for six consecutive weeks – 42 days to achieve the goal – losing 5% of your total body fat. New 42-Day Peak Physique Programs begin every six weeks.

Who’s Ready for a Real Fitness Boost?

For members who already maintain an active bootcamp fitness routine, the 42-Day Peak Physique Program is designed to achieve breakthrough results by encouraging you to hit the afterburners. The goal is to shed 5% of your body fat and sculpt your way to the ultimate Peak Physique. The fit body training you’ll experience in this program is straightforward and no-nonsense – just challenging workout classes for participants who want noticeable results. With the support of your Camp Transformation Center Laguna Hills trainers and other 42-Day Peak Physique classmates, it’s a community bootcamp experience like no other!

What You’ll Get…

Over the course of our 6-week, 42-Day Peak Physique Program, you’ll undergo workouts designed to get your heart rate up to burn the maximum number of calories (up to 600-800 per class). Each participant will experience the following benefits:

  • Mandatory nutritional seminar to get your customized meal plan and advice on supplements
  • Bootcamp-style classes that include a diverse mix of high-intensity training (HIIT) sessions
  • Unlimited workouts (50 mins), featuring a warmup, light stretch, then HIIT circuit training
  • One-on-one instruction from our certified Camp trainers on the circuit’s different HIIT stations
  • Hardcore training sessions, but workouts conducted according to your own pace
  • Community support via private Facebook group for individual accountability
  • Three mandatory body fat readings to ensure you’re on track to meet your 5% goal
  • (Optional) intense meal plan advice that takes the guesswork out of nutrition and supplements

Community Support

Like all of The Camp Transformation Center programs, you’ll always have the support and encouragement from both your certified trainers and other participants. It’s an extremely important component of the 42-Day Peak Physique Program, so get ready for regular whoops, hollers, cheers, applause, backslaps, high-fives, and unlimited fist bumps! Take the challenge to lose 5% of your body fat in just six weeks, custom designed to make you a certified Peak Physique.

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