The Camp Transformation Center of Palmdale

3005 E. Palmdale Blvd., Palmdale, CA 93550

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About Our Nutritional Guidance

Members of The Camp Transformation Center Palmdale are provided with comprehensive guidance on nutrition – advice we consider equally, if not more, important as our exercise programs. Data and analysis from over 700 different clinical studies have overwhelmingly concluded that diet and nutrition have a much bigger impact on weight loss than exercise alone. A consensus of experts agree that successful weight loss comes down to 80% diet and 20% exercise – which is why The Camp stresses the importance of holding our members accountable for their caloric intake.

About Our Nutrition Plans

At The Camp Transformation Center Palmdale, our nutrition plans are integrated with our 6-Week Challenges. Before beginning the program, our 6-Week Challengers receive a nutrition guide and a specific meal plan – each designed to help you achieve the best results. Prior to beginning this dual routine, you’ll have the opportunity to attend a nutritional seminar that explains the meal plan and the importance of sticking with it. The Camp training staff provides education and recommendations on when to eat, what to eat, and how the meal plan works in conjunction with our fitness programs.

Yes, You’ll Have Input…

The Camp Transformation Center Palmdale’s nutritional plans are designed to be flexible, so that each member can pick and choose their own options from an approved list of recommended foods. We also include specific options for those who eat vegan. Here are some specifics about our nutritional guidance:

  • All options are real, whole foods
  • Expect a healthy mix of clean proteins and carbohydrates, healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables
  • Daily meal plan examples are provided
  • You’ll learn how to eliminate processed food, sugars, and fatty foods
  • Plans include macro-caloric counting
  • Advice on nutritional supplements (protein powder, greens, vitamins, BCAAs, and more)
  • Learn about The Camp’s line of supplements – MyoFX

What Our Members Say

It was a lot of hard work so worth it. Excellent trainer and team.

Markeisha Lynette Lewis Aug 8, 2023

I joined this gym about 3 weeks ago (middle of Feb 2023) and I signed up for 6 week challenge and what a challenge it is but I LOVE it. Everyone from the trainer to the girls that manage the front are all awesome. Demetrius, Frankie and Annabel are wonderful trainers and I see a difference in my body

Tracy Simms Mar 3, 2023

With a solid mix of cardio and strength training and awesome trainers to help you reach your goals, the camp delivers great workouts!

Patrick Schaare Aug 8, 2020

Great Energy in AM and PM classes! Trainer Frankie really challenges and pushes you to get stronger and Trainer Demetrius is so supportive and offers modifications for every level of fitness. Front Desk ladies are always so chipper and greet you with such positive energy. Been attending for a year and still manage to break a sweat each time. Keep up the awesome job TC Palmdale Team 👏 👏👏 Definitely recommend!

Samantha Faustino Mar 3, 2022

I had a great time. I went at 5am in the morning. It was challenging but engaging. I would definitely go back

Brandon Walker Jul 7, 2021

Awesome place to get working out Great trainers team and staff

Leslie Lashonna Mar 3, 2021

Very nice

JA M Nov 11, 2020

Great first day .. loved it

Sylvia Iniguez Oct 10, 2020


Nadia Tenorio De Ramos Sep 9, 2020

Love it

Jr H Sep 9, 2020