The Camp Transformation Center of Palmdale

3005 E. Palmdale Blvd., Palmdale, CA 93550

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One of the most unique and attractive features of The Camp’s bootcamp-style fitness gym can be found in the way members of our Awesome Fit Family (AFF) support each other and hold one another accountable. Sure, lots of other gyms promise an uplifting community, but The Camp Transformation Center Palmdale actually delivers. That’s because we understand just how important emotional support can be on a psychological level. Being part of something bigger than yourself has been scientifically proven to be a motivating factor. Which leads us to another benefit – accountability. At The Camp Transformation Center Palmdale, we hold one another accountable and always celebrate individual accomplishments – it’s one of our core values.

Members of The Camp are drawn to the open and encouraging environment we’ve created – a place that feels less like a gym club and more like family. And when you experience the comfort and reinforcement ingrained in our group dynamic, we guarantee you’ll feel the same. Below are some of the ways our members and certified training staff support and encourage one another:

Support You Can Count On…

Track Your Progress on Our App

At The Camp Transformation Center Palmdale, members of our Awesome Fit Family (AFF) are encouraged to download our proprietary mobile app. Leveraging the latest in technology and fitness-tracking, our app keeps you connected with your Camp Family, even when you’re not physically present. It’s a 24/7 way to keep up with our certified trainers and community of like-minded fitness warriors!

Unwavering Support

When it comes to the personal fitness journeys of our Awesome Fit Family members, no achievement is too small to celebrate. Regardless of your potential, skill, fitness or experience level, you’ll find yourself immersed in an atmosphere of encouragement and support. The Camp will always be there for you – through the highs and lows – to make sure you remain on track to achieve your weight loss goals. Trust us when we say, it’s a level of guidance and support you won’t find anywhere else.

Accountability That Keeps You On Track…


One of the ways our certified trainers measure the continual progress of our Awesome Fit Family members is through regular weigh-ins and check-ins. Though the recurrence may vary, based on the specific fitness challenge you choose to participate in, the benefit is simple to understand. It’s all about holding you accountable to your weight loss goals. Which you – in turn – get to provide for others.

Accountability Challenge

Internally, we casually refer to this annual event as “The Olympics of The Camp.” This is a day-long event where the Awesome Fit Family members at all of our Camp locations have the opportunity to come together in spirited competition and celebrate the progress each individual has achieved. We know the value of support and encouragement for participants of our annual Accountability Challenge. That’s because the family that trains together wins together!

You Say It’s Your Birthday?

At The Camp Transformation Center Palmdale, we take birthdays very seriously. Whether it’s our staff, certified trainers, or a member of our Awesome Fit Family, we go out of our way to celebrate your special day. And when that day arrives, expect plenty of cheering, lights, and a good deal of off-key singing to boot!

What Our Members Say

It was a lot of hard work so worth it. Excellent trainer and team.

Markeisha Lynette Lewis Aug 8, 2023

I joined this gym about 3 weeks ago (middle of Feb 2023) and I signed up for 6 week challenge and what a challenge it is but I LOVE it. Everyone from the trainer to the girls that manage the front are all awesome. Demetrius, Frankie and Annabel are wonderful trainers and I see a difference in my body

Tracy Simms Mar 3, 2023

With a solid mix of cardio and strength training and awesome trainers to help you reach your goals, the camp delivers great workouts!

Patrick Schaare Aug 8, 2020

Great Energy in AM and PM classes! Trainer Frankie really challenges and pushes you to get stronger and Trainer Demetrius is so supportive and offers modifications for every level of fitness. Front Desk ladies are always so chipper and greet you with such positive energy. Been attending for a year and still manage to break a sweat each time. Keep up the awesome job TC Palmdale Team 👏 👏👏 Definitely recommend!

Samantha Faustino Mar 3, 2022

I had a great time. I went at 5am in the morning. It was challenging but engaging. I would definitely go back

Brandon Walker Jul 7, 2021

Awesome place to get working out Great trainers team and staff

Leslie Lashonna Mar 3, 2021

Very nice

JA M Nov 11, 2020

Great first day .. loved it

Sylvia Iniguez Oct 10, 2020


Nadia Tenorio De Ramos Sep 9, 2020

Love it

Jr H Sep 9, 2020