The Camp Transformation Center of Downtown Long Beach

245 The Promenade N. Ste. 100, Downtown Long Beach, CA 90802

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The Camp Transformation Center

Improving Lives Through Personal Fitness and Community Support

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    245 The Promenade N. Ste. 100
    Downtown Long Beach, CA 90802

    (562) 349-0934 (Call or Text)

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    Monday- Thursday: 5am, 6am, 8am, 9am, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm Friday: 5am, 6am, 8am, 9am Saturday: 7am, 8am & 9am Sunday: closed

    Hello There, Welcome to The Camp Transformation Center of Downtown Long Beach

    We’d like to welcome you to The Camp Transformation Center Downtown Long Beach – a place where weight loss and physical fitness happens through real, life-changing transformations. We started out with a plan to empower individual health, but we’ve become something much bigger – a true community. The Camp is a place where working out feels more like hanging out, all conducted in a supportive environment where everyone’s goals matter – no matter how big or small.

    Join the 21 Day Program to Begin Your Transformation

    Joining the 21 Day Program is your first step towards creating your own transformation. Making the decision to join The Camp Transformation Center Downtown Long Beach can be your turning point. What we have to offer isn’t just about losing weight – it’s about gaining a whole new perspective on your personal health and wellness. In 21 Days, you’ll join our community, learn how easy it is to incorporate our workout classes into your life, and begin building healthier habits.

    Simply enter your info to be invited to experience The Camp difference – join us and let’s celebrate our health, happiness, and a joy that only comes from achieving greatness together.

    Privileges of Membership

    At The Camp Transformation Center Downtown Long Beach, you’re more than just a member – you’re part of our awesome fit family (AFF), a supportive group of like-minded individuals who encourage greatness in one another. Our qualified trainers and staff will always be right there alongside you – pushing you past your old limits in a supportive environment where successes are celebrated early and often. As for our workout philosophy, we’re all about mixing it up with dynamic routines, encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone with friendly challenges, and topping it off with valuable nutritional advice for a well-rounded fitness experience.

    Join the 21 Day Program

      Explore What We Have to Offer Diversity is the Strength of Our Training Programs

      6-Week Challenge

      The Camp Transformation Center has developed a proprietary 6-week challenge. We can help you achieve your weight loss goal through workouts that adapt to your pace, along with expert nutritional advice, and enough community encouragement to ensure you meet your expectations.

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      Elite Strength Training

      If you’re looking for a real group workout that caters to your specific goals, we invite you to join our semi-private training sessions that focus on Elite Strength Training. Divided into intimate sets of six to eight people,

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      Peak Physique Program

      Ready to take things up a notch for a real fitness boost? Try our 42-Day Peak Physique Program, a straight up, no-nonsense fitness journey for real people that want measurable results and aren’t afraid of hard work.

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      What Our Members Say

      I love this place. Marisa is the best GM ever.

      Christopher LaMothe Jul 7, 2024

      Marisa and all the staff and trainers are always willing to help. It’s a great environment from the staff to the trainers to members.

      Jasibe Perez Jun 6, 2024

      I’ve been to other locations of this franchise, but the DTLB location is FUEGO! The location is tucked away within the Promenade lined with restaurants and although small, packs a punch with every workout. The gym is clean, equipped with well quality equipment, and the staff is superb. You are always greeted with a warm hello as you enter by the wonderful staff members. The Director Marisa is charming, sweet, and super supportive to the members and her staff. The coaches are ready to hit each class with thrills, laughs, and lots of motivation to get you through those tough reps. Coach Joee, Jam, Jordan, and Donny are AMAZING! Cheers to this location and keep up the good vibes.

      Diane Jenkins Jun 6, 2024

      I love it here is like my second home . All the staff & coaches are amazing , & always pushing you thru the work !!

      Lía Uribe Jun 6, 2024

      Staff are nice and very friendly. They encourage you to get fit and motivate you. I love going there now. Thanks for all your hardwork. Keep it up guys! :)

      May Ann Padilla Jun 6, 2024

      Staff is friendly and the trainers are great!

      Melvin Hernandez Jun 6, 2024

      DTLBC Front desk is awesome they give special care to the guest as well as the camp family. SAMMY ANFD YVETTE are doing it

      Eric Williams May 5, 2024

      The Camp is an amazing gym ! The trainers are amazing they push you and make every class fun ! I joined The Camp in March and I love it ! Marissa and the girls are always very welcoming ! Enjoy all my work outs here !

      Yadira Santander May 5, 2024

      I started coming to the camp about 2 years ago. Love the trainers, the staff and the gym. They have help me reach my goals. Thank you !!

      Abel Zavala May 5, 2024

      My favorite gym . Staff is great , environment and energy there is amazing . This isn’t your typical gym , this is where you build a family , where the trainers and staff help you reach and crush your personal goals every single day ! Call them and ask for Marisa so you can set up your tour .

      Marileni Robles May 5, 2024

      Every single person at the Camp is amazing! The energy is what you need to kick off the day right or end it perfectly. They are always willing to help you out wherever you need it! Grateful for them

      Jordon Navarro May 5, 2024

      The Camp changed my life. I'm mentally and physically stronger than I've ever been and it's all thanks to The Camp and the phenomenal trainers. Jordan, Jam, Joee, Donny and all of the other trainers push you to your limit and you come out of each class stronger and tougher. Also have to shout out the ladies at the front desk, no one's got energy like Sam energy, she's always positive and high energy and she sets the tone for everyone who walks into the gym. All of the ladies at the front desk are amazing and always have the biggest smile on their faces to greet everyone who walks in. Sign up at The Camp, you will not regret it.

      Ghazal Youssefi May 5, 2024

      I joined The Camp DTLB a little over a year ago and I have to say it has been a game changer! From the moment I walked in, the energy was infectious, and the staff were incredibly welcoming and motivating. The workouts were challenging but adaptable for all fitness levels. The trainers are not only knowledgeable but also passionate about helping everyone reach their goals. I gained not only a fitter, stronger body but also a positive mindset and a group of friends who share the same goals.

      Maggie Ibarra Apr 4, 2024

      The Camp is a great and fun place to be. The entire staff are fun, friendly, supportive, and kind.

      Carmen Williams Apr 4, 2024

      Great environment Front desk Marissa is awesome Trainer Jam is great as well

      hiram vega Apr 4, 2024

      Joining this gym has been one of the best decisions I've made! This place is truly special because the staff genuinely cares about the members and their overall well-being. The coaches take their time planning thoughtful, challenging workouts. They foster an inclusive, supportive community that encourages everyone to push themselves and grow. I've made friends here that I hope will last a lifetime. If you're looking for a gym where you'll be valued and supported on your fitness journey, this is the place for you!

      Daniella Villanueva Apr 4, 2024

      The Camp is an awesome place to reach your health goals! I joined in 2019 and I was nervous at first being so out of shape but the trainers and staff are so supportive and encouraging. If you’re unsure about doing a certain exercise the trainers have no problem giving a modified version for you. They really take the time to build personal relationships with you and motivate you to keep coming back!

      Aashika Kumar Apr 4, 2024

      TC Longbeach downtown one of the best looking gyms and of course the best trainers, Especially that side shave trainer is very effective with a hybrid intensity and muscle building workout! The only way to find is to take a class and find out for yourself.

      Anthony Torres Apr 4, 2024

      I love it here ! The team and trainers are such a good vibe and very supportive I feel so comfortable working out here. The vibe here is immaculate 🙌🤗

      lisette apolonio Apr 4, 2024

      It’s such a fun environment! Everybody there is very welcoming and definitely a vibe! If you’re thinking of joining you DO IT you will not regret it!

      Angelica Apolonio Apr 4, 2024

      Great environment with knowledgeable trainers and a supportive atmosphere that motivates me to reach my fitness goals!

      Denise Anguiano Apr 4, 2024

      The camp promises a great workout every time!!

      Holly Wade Apr 4, 2024

      I have been a member since 2021 and absolutely love this gym! I have never been a "Class" person, but my best friend signed us up and i thought i would at least try it out. One class in and i was hooked! They have great trainers, great music, motivating and have a gym family atmosphere! The Manager Marissa is awesome! She helped keep us on track with our goals and always has a warm welcoming smile as we enter the gym!

      Goodwill SOLAC Apr 4, 2024

      I’ve been here for over a year and I’m so happy that I found a place to feel comfortable with pursuing my health goals! The staff and trainers are so supportive and motivating. You won’t feel alone in your journey. Life changing experience for sure!!

      Teresa Payne Mar 3, 2024

      I love the Camp! Started seeing results within the first month. The team is very supportive and accountable.

      florencia dabney Dec 12, 2023

      The Camp facility is amazing! I highly recommend signing up if you want to get fit. Erica, Marissa and whole team are amazing people and will help you accomplish your fit goals. Sign up now!!!

      Johnnie Lara Mar 3, 2024

      I’ve been a member for two years because I love the atmosphere of the camp. The front desk girls are amazing and always giving you extra energy to start your workout. The trainers have the best playlists and their workouts can be challenging but fun. This is the perfect place to come distress.

      Cinthya Zeballos Mar 3, 2024

      I have just spoke to them on the phone but once I am able to pay for the monthly fee I will definitely join. It sounds great.

      Patricia Dalton Feb 2, 2024

      Amazing instructors and great staff. They have helped me lose weight and be healthier and stronger.

      Raen Badua Feb 2, 2024

      Amazing staff, motivational workouts and the best jams to workout to! Highly recommend.

      Vanessa Gonzalez Feb 2, 2024

      Love how engaging and motivational this place is. It always depends on the couch but most of them are. I have done 2 challenges and now I came back for a membership 💪. Just keep working hard, go as often as possible and change your eating habits and in no time you’ll see the changes.

      Edgar Michaus Jan 1, 2024

      I've been coming here for over 10 months now. I started w the 21 day challenge and stayed because of the amazing results. My body and self esteem has improved drastically bc of this program and Ill forever be grateful bc of it. - Kim

      the lifeyenvision Jan 1, 2024

      Started my fitness journey a few months ago and had the privilege of joining The Camp, a gym that has left a positive mark on my goals. From day one, I met like-minded individuals and felt very welcomed into a fitness family. The coaches are beyond remarkable, making every class both fun and challenging while helping you meet your goals. I definitely recommend this gym to those looking for a fun, fast-paced challenge and are goal-oriented.

      mylo carter Jan 1, 2024

      I’ve been going to this camp since July and I love it. It has change my physical and mental health drastically. Everyone is so supportive here, the staff, coaches and clients. Give it a try you won’t regret it.

      Maria Gabriel Jan 1, 2024

      By far the best staff ever (DTLB) they’re always so sweet and helpful, coaches are also amazing and it’s such a great community overall!

      laura Jan 1, 2024

      Awesome gym with intense fitness classes to get you in shape! It will definitely challenge you and keep you coming back for more. Amazing staff as well!

      Nathaniel Perez Jan 1, 2024

      Finding the Camp and decide to stay was the best descicion i ever Made!!! It has help me with the anciety i was going through my depression and even with my weightloss journey even though i have my ups and downs like everyone but we keep pushing!!! On the Camp you feel secure comfortable no one has an eye on you on the Way you look they try to keep you on the Right path eather on weight Loss , gainning muscle or lose body fat etc… Thanks The Camp Downtown Long beach 🥰🙏🏼🙏🏼💪

      lorena Ramirez Jan 1, 2024

      Everyone is wonderful. Marisa is a sweetheart.

      Christopher Vasquez Jan 1, 2024

      Everyone has been very encouraging and supportive of me restarting my fitness journey. Marisa has been very helpful in answering all of my questions. I’m not a morning person whatsoever but I must say I’m enjoying starting my mornings here and getting my butt kicked, it’s a great way to start the day. Not to mention the playlists are on point 😎

      Erika Granados Dec 12, 2023

      Joined the camp to start my fitness journey. They have been so welcoming. The workouts kick my butt in the best way possible. I’m pushing myself and I look forward to it every morning. The workout playlist are 🔥

      Stephanie Granados Dec 12, 2023

      Staff is amazing!

      Cinthya Ochoa Dec 12, 2023

      I started going to the camp during the 21 day challenge and now I have been there for a year. The staff is amazing and the gym is always clean with a great atmosphere.

      Diana Marquez Dec 12, 2023

      Where do I start, I love the energy, positivity, just the whole environment is amazing.. The way they help you to get to your goal is just amazing 🤩.. Everyone helps everyone, you want a gym buddy?you wanna be friends with your trainer? You want friendly staff member at the front desk? YOU GOT IT ALL HERE IN ONE PLACE.. So what are you waiting for start now and see it for yourself 😃😃

      Gris Flores Dec 12, 2023

      I’m been a member since October 2021 and every single morning the workouts routines are different, and challenging. The training couches are energetic, supportive always encouraging and engaging making every work out super fun and motivated.

      Julia Infante Dec 12, 2023

      Amazing gym, if you are looking to shed a few pounds or just trying to get in better shape, this place is for you. Amazing trainers and atmosphere

      Luis Benavides Dec 12, 2023

      (Translated by Google) I love this gym 💪 I have had a very nice experience at the camp because they guide me in my exercises, and that gives me a lot of motivation to continue exercising (Original) I love this gym 💪 he tenido una muy bonita experiencia en the camp porque me guían en mis ejercicios, y eso me da mucha motivación para seguir haciendo ejercicio

      Blanca Meda Aug 8, 2023