The Camp Transformation Center of Lodi

834 West Kettleman Lane,, Lodi, CA 95240

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The Camp Transformation Center

Improving Lives Through Personal Fitness and Community Support

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    834 West Kettleman Lane,
    Lodi, CA 95240

    (209) 552-5960 (Call or Text)

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    Monday - Friday: 5am, 6am, 8am, 9am, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm
    Saturday: 7am, 8am, 9am

    Hello There, Welcome to The Camp Transformation Center of Lodi

    We’d like to welcome you to The Camp Transformation Center Lodi – a place where weight loss and physical fitness happens through real, life-changing transformations. We started out with a plan to empower individual health, but we’ve become something much bigger – a true community. The Camp is a place where working out feels more like hanging out, all conducted in a supportive environment where everyone’s goals matter – no matter how big or small.

    Join the 21 Day Program to Begin Your Transformation

    Joining the 21 Day Program is your first step towards creating your own transformation. Making the decision to join The Camp Transformation Center Lodi can be your turning point. What we have to offer isn’t just about losing weight – it’s about gaining a whole new perspective on your personal health and wellness. In 21 Days, you’ll join our community, learn how easy it is to incorporate our workout classes into your life, and begin building healthier habits.

    Simply enter your info to be invited to experience The Camp difference – join us and let’s celebrate our health, happiness, and a joy that only comes from achieving greatness together.

    Privileges of Membership

    At The Camp Transformation Center Lodi, you’re more than just a member – you’re part of our awesome fit family (AFF), a supportive group of like-minded individuals who encourage greatness in one another. Our qualified trainers and staff will always be right there alongside you – pushing you past your old limits in a supportive environment where successes are celebrated early and often. As for our workout philosophy, we’re all about mixing it up with dynamic routines, encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone with friendly challenges, and topping it off with valuable nutritional advice for a well-rounded fitness experience.

    Join the 21 Day Program

      Explore What We Have to Offer Diversity is the Strength of Our Training Programs

      6-Week Challenge

      The Camp Transformation Center has developed a proprietary 6-week challenge. We can help you achieve your weight loss goal through workouts that adapt to your pace, along with expert nutritional advice, and enough community encouragement to ensure you meet your expectations.

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      Elite Strength Training

      If you’re looking for a real group workout that caters to your specific goals, we invite you to join our semi-private training sessions that focus on Elite Strength Training. Divided into intimate sets of six to eight people,

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      Peak Physique Program

      Ready to take things up a notch for a real fitness boost? Try our 42-Day Peak Physique Program, a straight up, no-nonsense fitness journey for real people that want measurable results and aren’t afraid of hard work.

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      What Our Members Say

      Excellent gym! The coaches are very knowledgeable, encouraging and supportive. The staff are warm and friendly. I signed up for two challenges 21-day Transformation and Hard Body, not only did my body transform (leaner and stronger) but I am learning healthier lifestyle habits. I’m a work in progress, but feel very supported by my AFF (All Fit Family)! Thank you Ramiro and Mariana!

      Mary Ann Gonzalez Jun 6, 2024

      Great community and excellent trainers.

      Rhoda Ramone May 5, 2024

      There are not enough words to describe how much I appreciate Camp Lodi. The classes are engaging, challenging, and fun. The workouts are very well organized. The trainers are supportive and energetic. The 6-week challenge is keeping me accountable and motivated. I am seeing results and it’s only been week one! Thank you, Camp Lodi!

      Rosa Lomeli Apr 4, 2024

      The Camp is the best. Best decision made.

      Astril Fermin Apr 4, 2024

      An amazing workout with amazing trainers & owners. I try to make it 5-6 days a week & it’s truly a community of family & friends!!!

      Renee Delgado Apr 4, 2024

      May will be one full year at The Camp for me and I cannot say enough. There are morning and afternoon classes with motivating instructors. The challenges create a supportive community and results. There are additional elite classes, and great supplements.

      Nicole Bautista Apr 4, 2024

      This place is amazing. You have great workouts put together by different trainers and they really do there homework. Then you get to workout amongst an awesome community of like minded people that motivate you to keep going. The best part is Tommy working the front desk and he greets you with a welcoming smile that makes you feel right at home !!

      Maria Gauna Apr 4, 2024

      Amazing staff and workouts! A gym where you feel comfortable at any level. The support and motivation the staff and trainers provide is exceptional. I absolutely love this gym!

      Amy McKay Apr 4, 2024

      Best gym ever in lodi amazing! Motivation thank you trainer Marcus TC

      Jen Yanez Apr 4, 2024

      Excellent trainers

      Tommy Zavala Apr 4, 2024

      Great, friendly environment! Staff is always so welcoming. I have never felt the typical 'gym' anxiety here at The Camp that I have felt at a regular gym. Trainers are awesome and are there to help every step of the way whether it is to push you and motivate you or making sure you keep correct form. #1 gym for HIIT workouts!!

      Jessica Leyva Apr 4, 2024

      After my gym closing without notice Lodi Camp welcomed me with open arms, best decision ever! Thanks for always pushing me to do better! You guys are appreciated

      Jazmine Lopez Apr 4, 2024

      I have felt at home from day one with The Camp!

      suzi gomez Apr 4, 2024

      Awesome place! Come check out the amazing workouts and energetic coaches!

      Sylvia Ramirez Apr 4, 2024

      The camp has been an amazing experience!!

      Rubi Gomez Apr 4, 2024

      Love this place. Started as a member now I’m a trainer. If you’re looking to get fit have fun and make friends this is the place

      Karl Arroy Apr 4, 2024

      Best gym i could ever be at!! I been here for almost 2 years now and I’ve had the best experience of my life!! Great trainers! Great staff if I could rate it a 100 stars I would!!! Also very affordable 🙏🏻

      03chayito Apr 4, 2024

      The Camp is an amazing gym! I love the owners, Ramiro and Mariana! This is great place to come get HIIT training. All of the trainers are awesome! They are great about making modifications for old folks like me. I’ve been coming here for three and half years and have never thought about changing! I love my AFF(Awesome FIt Family)!

      Valarie Walker Apr 4, 2024

      This gym offers a dynamic workout experience with its rotating stations, incorporating both strength training and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). The camaraderie among members fosters a supportive atmosphere, leaving you feeling uplifted after each session. It's a great place to challenge yourself physically while enjoying a sense of community.

      yipelvina Apr 4, 2024

      Camp is best place to tone your body. Good trainers and staff. All camp members are very friendly. I love it.

      Davinder Kaur Dec 12, 2023

      The Lodi transformation camp amazing trainers love how they will work wit you and make sure they will help you work out correctly and make sure you are healthy mentally emotionally n physically the motivation they push you n make sure you do your best I've came here not knowing what to do they showed me the correct forms n helped me get to where I wanna be and I'm continuing n striving going to the Lodi transformation camp thank you personallly Ramiro tc karina tc Omar tc Jesus tc Marcus tc and Karol tc highly recommend coming here

      Isaiah Camacho Dec 12, 2023

      Everyone is very welcoming and encouraging. Enjoy the atmosphere and the owners are wonderful

      Patricia Ramirez Oct 10, 2023

      Great friendly environment , loved how welcoming and sweet the front desk staff was as soon as I walked in the door , Thanks to the owners Mariana and Ramiro for making me feel right at home 💯 . No shortcuts, just hard work & determination.

      Mayra Alfaro Oct 10, 2023

      Absolutely love The Camp in Lodi! I joined a challenge last year (2022) and decided to become a member as soon as the challenge was over. They are like a second family that pushes you to your full potential. I have never really enjoyed working out, but The Camp offers something different that makes me want to not miss a class. I highly recommend checking it out, you’ll get hooked!

      Brittany Bruce Aug 8, 2023

      Great place to workout !

      Jennifer Luviano Aug 8, 2023

      Absolutely best gym in town. The trainers are amazing and the vibes are always amazing

      Rubi Esparza Aug 8, 2023

      This gym is amazing! The owners, staff, members, and trainers are so motivating and caring. It is like a family, and I look forward to seeing them daily. Everyone is very encouraging and that inspires me to continue to work harder and get stronger.

      Valarie Walker Aug 8, 2023

      I had been a member at The Camp Lodi for almost 3 years, withing these 3 years I have learned so much and had been such a great experience. I started with the 20lbs challenge and eventually became a member, it is a great place for group classes, staff are always very friendly greeting you as you come in, trainers are alwayas helping, pushing and motivating You which is something you dont get a regular gym, The Camp Lodi has become my Life Style

      Fidel Loeza Aug 8, 2023

      Lodi Camp is one of the best gyms in town, my husband and I just dropped 36.6 lbs together, feeling better, healthier, and ready to continue with this fitness journey. Love this community, the support and encouragement you have here - you won't have/find anywhere else -- awesome trainers and starting from the owners that have the mindset of lead by example! Thank you Lodi Camp for being part of our lives

      Margarita Rosero Jun 6, 2023

      Life changing gym experience. Its so motivational and energetic . With full guidance under supervision of knowlegable coaches , group of people get trained. Sometimes we dont even know what we r capable of.

      Drkanwaljit Kaur Mar 3, 2023

      Love this place I have lost me some weight here, you should try it.

      David Najar Sep 9, 2020