The Camp Transformation Center of Mid Phoenix

1810 W. Northern Ave. #105-115, Mid Phoenix, AZ 85021

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The Camp Transformation Center

Improving Lives Through Personal Fitness and Community Support

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    1810 W. Northern Ave. #105-115
    Mid Phoenix, AZ 85021

    (602) 843-2267 (Call or Text)

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    Monday - Thursday: 5am, 6am, 7am, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm Friday: 5am, 6am, 7am, 5pm, 6pm Saturday: 6am, 7am, 8am Sunday: closed

    Hello There, Welcome to The Camp Transformation Center of Mid Phoenix

    We’d like to welcome you to The Camp Transformation Center Mid Phoenix – a place where weight loss and physical fitness happens through real, life-changing transformations. We started out with a plan to empower individual health, but we’ve become something much bigger – a true community. The Camp is a place where working out feels more like hanging out, all conducted in a supportive environment where everyone’s goals matter – no matter how big or small.

    Join the 21 Day Program to Begin Your Transformation

    Joining the 21 Day Program is your first step towards creating your own transformation. Making the decision to join The Camp Transformation Center Mid Phoenix can be your turning point. What we have to offer isn’t just about losing weight – it’s about gaining a whole new perspective on your personal health and wellness. In 21 Days, you’ll join our community, learn how easy it is to incorporate our workout classes into your life, and begin building healthier habits.

    Simply enter your info to be invited to experience The Camp difference – join us and let’s celebrate our health, happiness, and a joy that only comes from achieving greatness together.

    Privileges of Membership

    At The Camp Transformation Center Mid Phoenix, you’re more than just a member – you’re part of our awesome fit family (AFF), a supportive group of like-minded individuals who encourage greatness in one another. Our qualified trainers and staff will always be right there alongside you – pushing you past your old limits in a supportive environment where successes are celebrated early and often. As for our workout philosophy, we’re all about mixing it up with dynamic routines, encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone with friendly challenges, and topping it off with valuable nutritional advice for a well-rounded fitness experience.

    Join the 21 Day Program

      Explore What We Have to Offer Diversity is the Strength of Our Training Programs

      6-Week Challenge

      The Camp Transformation Center has developed a proprietary 6-week challenge. We can help you achieve your weight loss goal through workouts that adapt to your pace, along with expert nutritional advice, and enough community encouragement to ensure you meet your expectations.

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      Elite Strength Training

      If you’re looking for a real group workout that caters to your specific goals, we invite you to join our semi-private training sessions that focus on Elite Strength Training. Divided into intimate sets of six to eight people,

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      Peak Physique Program

      Ready to take things up a notch for a real fitness boost? Try our 42-Day Peak Physique Program, a straight up, no-nonsense fitness journey for real people that want measurable results and aren’t afraid of hard work.

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      What Our Members Say

      Instructor Bill was fabulous! Very inviting vibe from the crew and members which means great community. Would definitely go back. Solid gym.

      Rebecca Callender Aug 8, 2023

      This place is amazing!! Only been going for a week and I feel like part of a great community. The support from the coaches and fellow team is amazing. I definitely recommend to anyone who needs motivation and support in their fitness goals.

      Erisel Curiel May 5, 2023

      Monty, Cory, and Bill are the best instructors and focus on making sure your form is correct. Correna, Dave, and Laura are extremely supportive and knowledgeable. I love coming here!

      Sydnee Ryder Aug 8, 2022

      Great place to come. I love the vibes. The trainers are killers 🤣🤣. Definitely be feeling it the next day but no pain no gain. They have challenge's and 21 day challenge. Monthly payment options. My go to.

      Renee Jun 6, 2022

      The Camp Mid Phoenix is a great gym! It provides a fun, inclusive and physically challenging environment. Class times are convenient, affordable memberships and great equipment. The coaches, office staff and community there keep you accountable and want to see you succeed. A big thank you to Monty, Jonathan, Bill, Dave, Corrina and the entire team at The Camp Mid Phoenix for making workouts so enjoyable. #elbowpits

      Sarah Martin Mar 3, 2022

      Excellent experience, excellent crew, excellent management, just be ready to work hard very hard 💪. I love it

      Betty Boop Feb 2, 2022

      Great environment, good workouts. Good music!

      Breanna Kern Jan 1, 2022

      I love coming to this gym I always feel welcomed and leave beyond satisfied being healthy has become apart of my daily routine I'm so glad I made a decision to get a gym membership here. I love the structure of the workout classes you rotate in stations and everyday is a different workout so you can't skip a beat!🤞🏼🥰👏🏽👏🏽

      Nylaaj'a Wilks Jan 1, 2022

      I started off as by getting a membership instead of the 6 week program because I wanted to be committed on the long run. Honestly it's the best thing I've done for myself in a long time. My clothes fit better my confidence is up I feel so good about myself its amazing. I also like that they take covid precautions serious by taking temperature and making sure everything is wiped down in between classes. This is the first gym that actually encourages me to continue coming back. Also the staff and trainers are amazing and will answer any questions or concerns.

      Blanca Ramirez Apr 4, 2021

      What an awesome environment to get yourself back on track. Very motivational and the Camp holds you accountable so No Excuses! FTDI!

      Shannan Mulheran Apr 4, 2021

      I did not want to go to this place but the wife insisted. You know, happy wife, happy life. It was the best thing. First month I started, I lost 14 pounds and started feeling better. I did the 6 week challenge to lose 20 pounds and ended up losing 33 pounds more. I could not have done this without the great staff that encourages us and holds us accountable. The workouts are great and the nutrition lessons they teach are awesome. It is a community of people who have goals and we help others to achieve them. If you have goals to transform for health and well being, the Camp Mid-Phoenix is the place to be!

      Bill Morales Apr 4, 2021

      Super clean and sanitized they go above and beyond any other place I have ever been to for cleanliness. Very professional. All the trainers are kind and experienced. No shaming at all they encourage you and work with you every step of the way no matter your size and no matter your fitness levels.

      Bm W Nov 11, 2020

      Truly a transforming experience. First time participating in The Camp challenge. A welcoming, non-judgmental community that empowers their members. Trainers, staff are motivating yet push you to challenge yourself. Fellow challengers are supportive. Being a healthcare worker and given the pandemic, I've been very particular about where I choose to spend my time. The Camp Transformation Center- Mid Phoenix follows CDC protocol and is an environment in which I feel safe and I know has my safety in mind.

      Stephanie Yambao Feb 2, 2021

      Best gym In Phoenix by far!! Let’s start with the fact that this place is so clean you could literally eat off the floor. Not only do they enforce all Covid mandated guidelines But they go above and beyond to keep all of Their members safe! There is definitely the atmosphere of family here the staff, the trainers and the members are all so nice and helpful. No matter your age or your fitness level this is the place to be! The trainers are so in tune with all of their members. They know each individual’s abilities or any physical limitations that they may have and provide the proper modifications or extra incentive that each individual needs - I dare you to find that type of caring and attention with any main stream gym . If your looking for a serious work out With dedicated, caring trainers, staff and like-minded members I definitely suggest you give THE CAMP a try.. You won’t regret it!

      Cindy Lewis Feb 2, 2021

      I love this place. It is so awesome the way the trainers and all of the staff help and push you to believe in yourself and that you can do it. I have been struggling for so long with my weight and I always give up on myself but at the camp I am realizing that I can do it. If you are looking for a place with staff and even other members that think positively than look no further because this place is great. Right now with covid they are doing everything they can to insure all of our safety and we as members clean each station as we go. I am looking forward to the changes this year will bring and I know that I am in the right place to help me 😊

      Cynthia Marines Feb 2, 2021

      I love this camp, well organized in this difficult times that we are on, staff and trainers are very well organized with the cleaning and sanitizing the gym, always telling us to keep our masks on, they care about us and protecting us as we care and protect them too. Thank you for all you do to keep is safe!

      Beatriz Montes Feb 2, 2021

      Been here for over a year now. It was the best choice I could of made for my health. The trainers and staff are amazing.

      Andrew Feb 2, 2021

      The gym is a fun place and the trainers and employees are caring and supportive. It's a healthy environment and they are constantly having us cleaning our space that they already cleaned for our protection. It drives me crazy people constantly complaining about Covid issues when the one thing that fights Covid is our immunity system and that's what working out helps us do. It's hard for some of us to even get the motivation to go the gym and make that step to fight obesity, strengthen our immunity and help our self esteem. The trainers in the gym give us that motivation.

      Linda Zaia Feb 2, 2021

      Clean Clean Clean!!!! This facility was going above and beyond when Covid first hit. Communicating with its members almost daily on changes and upgrades and this has continued throughout. My personal experience along with my fiancé’s has been AMAZING! When we were not able to come back right away due to some health issues they worked with us and continue to reach out and be as amazing as they were when we first walked in the door! Keep it up guys & I hope each and every member does their part to post reviews, give feedback and help this place to grow! There are many camps but NONE like this one! Miss you guys and hope to be back soon!

      Danielle Austin Feb 2, 2021

      This is the best place i have ever worked out.. I have struggled with weight my whole life going from one BS gym to another. This place really cares about you. All the trainers and staff know you. It feels like family.. We sanitize before after and during workouts. We wear masks. Social distance and check temperatures prior to starting class. We book our classes on the mind body app which allows only a certain number of ppl per class to ensure social distancing!!! Try this place out it will change your life...

      Mikayla Rhodes Feb 2, 2021

      Great place to get on top of your quarantine weight... Honestly I've been in need of motivation and this place has helped me get back to the body that I want.

      Paula “Pau” K Jan 1, 2021

      I love it !!!!

      Maria Isabel Lucero-caperon Dec 12, 2020

      I would recommend The Camp if anyone is willing to put forth the effort in wanting to lose weight. The atmosphere is high energy and the trainers are amazing and accommodate, with modifications of the workouts, if needed. I love this place! Since COVID-19, I need to go back and they maintain COVID guidelines.

      Jennifer Nov 11, 2019

      This Place is amazing! Filled with great vibes, awesome trainers and staff. If you have never worked out I recommend coming here they walk you through the workouts and modify if you need modifications. Shout out to Jim!! He’s an amazing trainer and will motivate you to reach your goals!

      Yarelly Mejia Nov 11, 2020


      Lily's Party Rentals Nov 11, 2020

      Love the staff from day 1! The members all work together and its a great vibe

      Mo'Shai Gibbs Nov 11, 2020

      We have an awesome trainer and an outstanding staff members! They motivate you til the end of your session and every class is so addicting! This place is a no judgement zone!!! Glad to be here and to share my wonderful experiences!

      Rhonda Hocog Nov 11, 2020

      The camp mid Phoenix its a great place where you workout in a safe and clean environment ❤ I'm really happy to be part of the camp family

      Beatriz Medina Nov 11, 2020

      Great workout lose that covid 20. With the six week 20lb challenge at the camp you’ll be a winner. Great workouts, awesome team go after your goals.

      lorenzo riccitelli Jun 6, 2020

      I started a 6 week challenge back in January and have lost 30lbs in 5 weeks! Camp sets you up eith all the tools to succeed on your path to weight lose and its works if youre youry to put in the work. Staff is out of this world and they go above and beyond to motivate you on your journey! Definetly highly recommended!💪 cont..... Sept 6th, down 85lbs since January, great ambiance and great trainers that keeo you motivated and help with discipline!

      Bo Trevizo Feb 2, 2020

      The Camp Transformation - Mid Phoenix Camp is THE BEST way to start transforming a healthier lifestyle. Especially with the pandemic covid shut down, continuing to stay active in a safe environment like the The Camp Transformation - Mid Phoenix Camp will not let you down. Working out with inspirational trainers and friendly staff that goes above and beyond to make sure our AFF is engaged, motivated, disciplined and highly inspired. I am always looking forward to my workouts at the Mid Phoenix Camp.

      Norma Torres Aug 8, 2020

      I totally love The Camp Transformation Center and their program. They are interested in the success of their clients. I will never get a membership at a regular gym again. The Camp Transformation Center is the only way to go to lose way and get fit!! I am sure if you try them out, you will agree!!

      Richard Powell Aug 8, 2020