The Camp Transformation Center of San Jose

2230 Quimby Rd., San Jose, CA 95122

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The Camp Transformation Center

Improving Lives Through Personal Fitness and Community Support

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    2230 Quimby Rd.
    San Jose, CA 95122

    (408) 389-7697 (Call or Text)

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    Monday - Thursday: 4am, 5am, 6am, 7am, 9am, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm Friday: 4am, 5am, 6am, 7am, 9am, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm Saturday: 6am, 7am, 8am, 9am Sunday: 7am, 8am

    Hello There, Welcome to The Camp Transformation Center of San Jose

    We’d like to welcome you to The Camp Transformation Center San Jose – a place where weight loss and physical fitness happens through real, life-changing transformations. We started out with a plan to empower individual health, but we’ve become something much bigger – a true community. The Camp is a place where working out feels more like hanging out, all conducted in a supportive environment where everyone’s goals matter – no matter how big or small.

    Join the 21 Day Program to Begin Your Transformation

    Joining the 21 Day Program is your first step towards creating your own transformation. Making the decision to join The Camp Transformation Center San Jose can be your turning point. What we have to offer isn’t just about losing weight – it’s about gaining a whole new perspective on your personal health and wellness. In 21 Days, you’ll join our community, learn how easy it is to incorporate our workout classes into your life, and begin building healthier habits.

    Simply enter your info to be invited to experience The Camp difference – join us and let’s celebrate our health, happiness, and a joy that only comes from achieving greatness together.

    Privileges of Membership

    At The Camp Transformation Center San Jose, you’re more than just a member – you’re part of our awesome fit family (AFF), a supportive group of like-minded individuals who encourage greatness in one another. Our qualified trainers and staff will always be right there alongside you – pushing you past your old limits in a supportive environment where successes are celebrated early and often. As for our workout philosophy, we’re all about mixing it up with dynamic routines, encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone with friendly challenges, and topping it off with valuable nutritional advice for a well-rounded fitness experience.

    Join the 21 Day Program

      Explore What We Have to Offer Diversity is the Strength of Our Training Programs

      6-Week Challenge

      The Camp Transformation Center has developed a proprietary 6-week challenge. We can help you achieve your weight loss goal through workouts that adapt to your pace, along with expert nutritional advice, and enough community encouragement to ensure you meet your expectations.

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      Elite Strength Training

      If you’re looking for a real group workout that caters to your specific goals, we invite you to join our semi-private training sessions that focus on Elite Strength Training. Divided into intimate sets of six to eight people,

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      Peak Physique Program

      Ready to take things up a notch for a real fitness boost? Try our 42-Day Peak Physique Program, a straight up, no-nonsense fitness journey for real people that want measurable results and aren’t afraid of hard work.

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      What Our Members Say

      Love the camp. Completely changed my life for the better. I was going through a hard time of my life when I started and coming here changed all that for the better. Love the staff and coaches.

      Maira Cruz Jul 7, 2024

      I just love the environment and the staff that are always so friendly and happy to help you out if needed

      Frances Munoz Jul 7, 2024

      Great work out every day !!

      Lorena Espinosa Feb 2, 2024

      (Translated by Google) My name is Aneth I have been going to this place almost since they opened it, it is like my home, I feel at home, I really like their routines, the atmosphere, the music, the coaches and the people who serve us at the entrance, they are all very friendly and I have known many of them for a long time. from them. I like the place and also the atmosphere. I left during COVID time but I came back again. Personally, I recommend it. There is a lot of motivation, a lot of joy, everyone does the exercise at their own pace, but their motivation also makes you try a little harder. I am very grateful for what they have helped me with and for making me part of this great place. Camp transformation is like my home. I feel happy. The coaches are amazing and the staff too. (Original) Mi nombre es Aneth Tengo yendo a este lugar casi desde que lo abrieron es como mi casa me siento en casa me gusta mucho sus rutinas el ambiente la música los entrenadores y las personas que nos atienden en la entrada todos son muy amables y tengo conociendo por mucho tiempo a muchos de ellos. el lugar me gusta y también el ambiente me salí en el tiempo del COVID pero volví a regresar. en lo personal Lo recomiendo hay mucha motivación mucha alegría cada quien hace el ejercicio a su ritmo pero también la motivación de ellos hacen que te esfuerces un poco más,estoy muy agradecida por lo que me han ayudado Y por hacerme parte de este gran lugar. Camp transformation is like my home. I feel happy. The coaches are amazing and the staff too.

      Aneliz G.N Jan 1, 2024

      Always a great workout with every coach at the camp.

      Carlos Carrillo Jul 7, 2024

      Great full body workout today with Marisol and Jesse 5/11/24

      Andrew Lagos May 5, 2024

      Everybody is very nice, knowledgeable and helpful. I'm glad I started going and hope to keep it up and see some results.

      James Akino Jun 6, 2024

      Love this gym!! The coaches are so encouraging and extremely helpful.

      Monica Cardenas Apr 4, 2024

      Amazing place to work out.

      cynthia pina May 5, 2024

      I love bootcamp and The Camp is the 💣with decent price and excellent instructors.

      Mandi jo Blake May 5, 2024

      Best place to start working out.

      Alma Jimenez Apr 4, 2024

      Killer workout!! & great coaches!!

      Mariah Fuentes Apr 4, 2024

      Love my 9am class.. the energy level Coaches push me and motivate you!! Love it 😍.. Also, the gym has great machines and continue your workout!! It's a great way to start to workout if never have before. You meet people that will motivate you and push you to next level!!!

      Elida Valdez Jan 1, 2023

      Great work out

      Minh Ha Mar 3, 2023

      4 days in and words cant describe the feeling of support and guidance but especially soreness I felt through this weeks classes. The trainers are so high energy and was able to get tips from a trainer post class while using the free weights. The flexibility of morning or evening classes is also a huge win 🏆

      Jessica Santiago Apr 4, 2024

      (Translated by Google) Incredible very good training place (Original) Increíble lugar entrenamiento muy bueno

      Mari Gaspar Oct 10, 2023

      (Translated by Google) Excellent Gym, great trainers (Original) Excelente Gym, grandes entrenadores

      Yorchi Calderon Mar 3, 2024

      The Camp helped me a lot not just by meeting my goal weight but also to make myself feel good after every workout which helps amazingly to have a wonderful day everyday!

      vaibhav lidbide Feb 2, 2024

      Great vibes, I love it better than just the regular gym, Trainers keep you motivated classes are great!

      Peter Garcia Feb 2, 2024

      (Translated by Google) The best place I have ever been to, I love it 💪😍 (Original) El mejor lugar que eh conocido, me encanta 💪😍

      Dayana Flores Feb 2, 2024

      The coaches are really good. They know what they do. They always help you to do it right

      Yayo Lara!!! May 5, 2023

      Awesome workout place to achieve you fitness goals faster with amazing coaches and workout sessions😀#Camp for the Champ☺️

      VJ Anba May 5, 2023

      Great full body workout!!!

      Alexandra Cuevas Jan 1, 2024

      I started my journey 3 years ago and can't get enough. I love that the workouts are alreay set for you and we workout as a team. Even if you have never worked out, you can still do it. Everyone is always encouraging and supportive.

      Celeste Scott Dec 12, 2023

      My amazing place

      Didi Hassan Dec 12, 2023

      Best ! The trainers really encourage you

      Silvia Reatiga GM Dec 12, 2023

      Nice place, nice people...

      Javier Ramos Feb 2, 2023


      chaires juan Oct 10, 2023

      Great work outs!, very nice staff and overall great people

      Best Mom ever Nov 11, 2023

      Exercise with correct form- even if it’s less reps or less wt. 1% better everyday. Thank you Cathy- amazing coach.

      Bhargavi Simhadri Sep 9, 2023

      Great workouts

      Ana Lopez Jul 7, 2023

      Great workout! The coaches are very motivating!!!

      deneb ct Apr 4, 2023

      Spacious clean facility, friendly staff, awesome instructors who encourage you to get the best out of every workout. Workouts are challenging but then you are here for some body transformation whether it is hard body or weight loss and it’s worth it.. The program has brought a discipline in what I eat and my daily workouts. Shout out to Mari, Kristy, Daniel!

      Vijay U Nov 11, 2023

      TC SJ is a great HIIT Training Center for anyone looking to get into shape & loose weight. Definitely recommend checking them out!

      Matt Ochoa Jun 6, 2023

      I started out not working out much, until I signed up here in The Camp. This place truly holds up to their name: a transformation center. They provide all the equipment, dumbbells and barbells and more, to exercise upper bodies, lower bodies, and full bodies depending on the focused area of fitness of the day. The staff are welcoming and encouraging to push through & get active, even for anyone starting out or returning to fitness. Trust me. The experience is worth it!

      Tim Le Oct 10, 2023

      Great workout

      adrian solis Oct 10, 2023

      Great workout

      Jazmine Martinez Oct 10, 2023

      Really like working out here with all the coaches and the folks next to you.

      Julio Calderon Aug 8, 2023

      Motivated atmosphere trainers are supportive and encouraging good vibes safe environment definitely recommend

      Osualdo Morales Apr 4, 2023

      Awesome team and workouts. Love the energy on the workout floor.

      sunitha alampalli Oct 10, 2023

      Amazing coaches and classes!

      Stephanie Quiroz Sep 9, 2023

      Super fun if you like a good circuit workout! Music was great! I like how they set up everything with a ton of different weights so you have a quick choice and you can change weights if needed. I really enjoyed the class where we made teams and were able to encourage each other more during the workout!

      Deanna Akau Oct 10, 2023

      Great place to workout and shed your negativities!

      Nilanjan Mukherjee Jul 7, 2023

      Great place to workout 🏋️‍♀️

      Ajinkya Nene Sep 9, 2023

      great place to workout, positive vibes including awesome coaches

      Vikash Chand Mar 3, 2023


      Melissa Alvarado Jul 7, 2022

      If you are ready for a healthy change in your life come join us at the camp

      Yvonne Gonzalez May 5, 2023