About Our Culture

The Camp Transformation Center is more than a fitness boot camp, it’s a destination. A place where you can begin a personal fitness journey while celebrating progress among a community of like-minded supporters. The Camp offers a comprehensive 360-degree perspective on improving health and wellness – everything from personal training and nutritional instruction to dynamic class workouts and group fitness challenges. All conducted in a supportive environment where all members are accepted as part of the same Awesome Fit Family (AFF), regardless of experience or ability. At The Camp Transformation Center, we’re all about life-changing transformations. It’s right there in our name.


Our Philosophy Defined

We believe fitness, working out, and weight loss should be fun, conducted in a welcoming community where fellow members feel more like family. At The Camp, you’ll experience measurable progress and real results that can only be achieved by surrounding yourself with others dedicated to the same goal. When it comes to providing well-rounded health and wellness, you won’t find a better environment for celebrating one another’s health, happiness, and the joy that comes from incremental progress. That’s how we differentiate ourselves at The Camp Transformation Center.

Our Mission

At The Camp Transformation Center, our mission is to create a supportive and enthusiastic environment for improving one’s individual health and wellness – achieved without pretense or pressure.

Our Vision

At The Camp Transformation Center, our vision is to build a true community of like-minded members who believe that fitness is more than a routine – it’s a lifestyle. Our exercise studios are designed to be sanctuaries of personal growth that go beyond physical fitness, a place where members are empowered to become the best versions of themselves so they can lead healthier, happier lives while inspiring others.

Our Core Values

At The Camp Transformation Center, our nine core values reflect how we aspire to lead the company. They include:


In which we always do the right thing

Team-First Approach

A community based on trust, loyalty, positivity, accountability, and respect


We offer an environment based on acceptance of others

AAF Always

Our awesome fit family (AFF) is all about supporting and inspiring one another


Our pledge to lift one another up at every turn


Always being truthful is how we overcome adversity


We value our interdependence on each other


We believe personal fitness journeys should be fun, never a chore


Our employees are passionate in every aspect of their jobs

Our Founders

The Camp Transformation Center was co-founded in 2010 by Luis and Alejandra Font, a dynamic duo with over four decades of experience in fitness, nutrition, and entrepreneurial pursuits. Together, they’ve overseen the growth of a fitness brand that now boasts over 150 franchised locations, as well as launching lines of supplement products and apparel. Both Luis and Alejandra remain actively engaged in the direction, growth, and day-to-day operations of The Camp Transformation Center.


Alejandra Font

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Alejandra Font is the Co-Founder of The Camp Transformation Center. She has almost 20 years of entrepreneurial experience and over a decade of founding The Camp Transformation Center. Her passion for fitness and transformation led her to starting The Camp TC, a fitness brand that has impact thousands of lives. Alejandra runs 2 companies and 3 company owned Camps. The Camp Franchise Systems with over 150 franchised locations and Myo Sports Nutrition, a supplement and apparel line. Alejandra has been able to scale her businesses with the focus on developing strong teams that are customer centric with an emphasis on community building. She has a Bachelors Degree in Sociology, has competed in 3 NPC Bodybuilding competitions, where she has placed consistently between 1-2nd place.


Luis Font

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Luis is an entrepreneur with almost over 25 years experience in businesses ranging from quick service restaurants, direct sales, digital marketing and fitness gyms. Luis has played an important role crafting the Vision, Mission and Culture of The Camp Transformation center, the day to day operations, development and expansion of The Camp Franchise Systems, and MYO Sports Nutrition. He’s been instrumental in creating the management infrastructure and in the continued growth of The Camp Franchise Systems. He holds degrees in Finance and Economics from The University of Houston.