The Camp Transformation Center of Riverside

10403 Magnolia Ave Unit B, Riverside West, CA 92505

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The Camp Transformation Center

Improving Lives Through Personal Fitness and Community Support

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    10403 Magnolia Ave Unit B
    Riverside West, CA 92505

    (951) 323-3701 (Call or Text)

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    Monday - Thursday: 5am, 6am, 8am, 9am, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm Friday: 5am, 6am, 8am, 9am Saturday: 7am, 8am, 9am Sunday: closed

    Hello There, Welcome to The Camp Transformation Center of Riverside

    We’d like to welcome you to The Camp Transformation Center Riverside – a place where weight loss and physical fitness happens through real, life-changing transformations. We started out with a plan to empower individual health, but we’ve become something much bigger – a true community. The Camp is a place where working out feels more like hanging out, all conducted in a supportive environment where everyone’s goals matter – no matter how big or small.

    Join the 21 Day Program to Begin Your Transformation

    Joining the 21 Day Program is your first step towards creating your own transformation. Making the decision to join The Camp Transformation Center Riverside can be your turning point. What we have to offer isn’t just about losing weight – it’s about gaining a whole new perspective on your personal health and wellness. In 21 Days, you’ll join our community, learn how easy it is to incorporate our workout classes into your life, and begin building healthier habits.

    Simply enter your info to be invited to experience The Camp difference – join us and let’s celebrate our health, happiness, and a joy that only comes from achieving greatness together.

    Privileges of Membership

    At The Camp Transformation Center Riverside, you’re more than just a member – you’re part of our awesome fit family (AFF), a supportive group of like-minded individuals who encourage greatness in one another. Our qualified trainers and staff will always be right there alongside you – pushing you past your old limits in a supportive environment where successes are celebrated early and often. As for our workout philosophy, we’re all about mixing it up with dynamic routines, encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone with friendly challenges, and topping it off with valuable nutritional advice for a well-rounded fitness experience.

    Join the 21 Day Program

      Explore What We Have to Offer Diversity is the Strength of Our Training Programs

      6-Week Challenge

      The Camp Transformation Center has developed a proprietary 6-week challenge. We can help you achieve your weight loss goal through workouts that adapt to your pace, along with expert nutritional advice, and enough community encouragement to ensure you meet your expectations.

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      Elite Strength Training

      If you’re looking for a real group workout that caters to your specific goals, we invite you to join our semi-private training sessions that focus on Elite Strength Training. Divided into intimate sets of six to eight people,

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      Peak Physique Program

      Ready to take things up a notch for a real fitness boost? Try our 42-Day Peak Physique Program, a straight up, no-nonsense fitness journey for real people that want measurable results and aren’t afraid of hard work.

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      What Our Members Say

      It is always a pleasant experience at The Camp! Staff is always helpful and courteous. If you are having trouble staying accountable to your fitness goals....this is the place to come to be held accountable!!!

      Jorge Sanchez Apr 4, 2024

      This I my second week and and and I’m loving it

      Gerardo Rubalcava Jul 7, 2024

      I decided to do the 6 week challenge in 2020 and since then I’m a member!! Love the Friendly staff, classes are well structured and organized. Coaches are highly motivating making sure you are correctly and safely lifting weights & working out. The level of encouragement and energy towards everyone shows how much they care for their members to live a healthy lifestyle. Special thanks to coach Emily💕for helping with modifications to minimize the stress on my knees

      Lorena Rivera May 5, 2024

      (Translated by Google) I love this place, the instructors are very kind and professional. I have been here since 2019 and I have seen very good results.. 💯 recommended (Original) Me encanta este lugar los instructores son muy amables y profecionales tengo aquí desde el 2019 y e mirado muy buenos resultados.. 💯 recomendado

      Cristy'sbeutypro 8a May 5, 2024

      These workouts are the best for people with ADHD!! They set it’s up, tell you what to do, and motivate you the whole way through! I’m sweating like crazy by the end of 45 minutes and building muscle I can see and feel!

      Rebecca Valane Apr 4, 2024

      The Camp Transformation Center riverside is great for people just starting out their fitness journey and for people who want to challenge themselves. They provide great workouts with awesome trainers, each focusing in different training techniques. April's and Chris's strength training classes are great. David pushes you in every class and Jen has great energy. Freddys Saturday morning class is one of my favorite he uses a partner system which helps you push eachother and keep eachother accountable.Eric the owner is always open to hear new ideas and answer any questions regarding workouts and nutrition.

      Elizabeth Lemus Apr 4, 2024

      Hello, I really liked today's class April is a very good coach and Chris as well 😊

      Rosie Villalobos Apr 4, 2024

      100% recommended, I simply change my lifestyle

      Ardelia Munoz Apr 4, 2024

      Very good place

      Georgina Robles Apr 4, 2024

      This place is amazing I love the staff that work here they are an amazing team !!

      Nubia Benitez Apr 4, 2024

      Great trainers and always a fun class !

      Jessica Pineda Apr 4, 2024

      I love the camp! Joined for my wedding 2 years ago and never left lol! Thank you to all the trainers for making the workouts amazing

      Samantha Garcia Apr 4, 2024

      Love the Camp. After my workout, I leave energized and vibrating. I'm ready to take on the world or just take on yard work. Feeling strong, flexible, and golden.

      Antonio Gomez Apr 4, 2024

      Best experience! Best trainers! Everyone is so friendly! Best decision!

      Samantha Zamarron Apr 4, 2024

      Love the 🏋🏻‍♀️

      Estela Rios Apr 4, 2024

      Best place to workout 🏋️‍♀️ and Amazing people. ☺️🤗

      Sugei Sanchez Apr 4, 2024

      Best place to workout !! Jen’s classes are the best ! 🤪💖

      Marlah Parra Apr 4, 2024

      If you have no clue where to start your weight loss journey best believe the camp is where you want to start. The training is fun and easy to follow. Love the vibe.

      Ana Arana Apr 4, 2024

      F 39- The Camp is the only thing that has worked for me! Do it!

      Marivi Roman Apr 4, 2024

      Coming to The Camp has been the best thing in my life.. I have lost 40 lbs.. and still continue coming because of the great Trainers and the great friends I have made..

      Yolanda Aguilar Apr 4, 2024

      Love the work outs here! I prefer this over the gym! It’s a much better workout here than a gym the trainers give great assistance and attention. Freddy and Jen are amazing here! Love thier energy!

      Alf Ort Apr 4, 2024

      Love it here! Very friendly treat you like family! Awesome work out today with Freddy! Booty still hurt with Jen workout on Tuesday!

      Aracely DeLaRosa Apr 4, 2024

      I am glad Freddy is back training.

      Kasandra Sinnett Nov 11, 2023

      I love it hereeeeeeeeee super fun allll day everyday

      Kacy Clark Nov 11, 2023

      Always friendly and amazing staff! Great way to get healthy with awesome members.

      Karen Vieyra Nov 11, 2023

      The best investment I have ever made for myself! It’s a great atmosphere with great people….

      Delilah Adams Jun 6, 2022

      I was a visiting member and they were so kind to me!

      Rebecca Stroecker Hill Feb 2, 2022

      My husband and I are 65 years old and been retired for three years and became less active. We decided we need to pay more attention to our health so we recently started a program at The Camp Transformation Center that includes exercise and nutrition. We are 3 days into the program and already feel stronger and healthier. I’d like to add that my grandson told me he has a couple friends that have a membership here and has heard nothing but good things about the place.

      Theresa Chavez Oct 10, 2021

      The Camp Transformation Center in Riverside is a great place where you can enjoy your workouts. The Camp at Riverside is located in a facility that offers you four high garage doors with enormous ceiling fans that creates a well-ventilated place, even in summer you can feel the breeze. The Crew at the Camp have been doing a fantastic job keeping up with the federal, state and local COVID-19 regulations. The floor has been systematically divided in six feet square areas for each person with one sanitizing bottle and paper towel to sanitize the equipment before and after. They also have strategically placed sanitizing gel bottles for the use of all members. The check in process takes place outside where your temperature is taken and mask are required. As a Realtor® practicing one of the essential activities during the COVID-19, I really appreciate all the hard work The Crew at The Camp Riverside they put in a daily basis to keep this place in compliance. I really enjoy working out in The Camp, you just need to bring your good vibes and follow along the professional motivated coaches that are always willing to get the best out of your body and soul. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advance, you will feel very comfortable exercising at The camp Riverside. The coaches always have alternatives for beginners or persons with special conditions. I encourage you to maintain you body in constant movement, The Camp Riverside could be a GREAT option. I strongly recommend it. - Benny R., Realtor®, ABR®, GREEN®, SFR®, SRES®, SRS®, PSA®

      Benny Resendiz Jul 7, 2020

      I was Honestly hesitant about trying the camp, and decided to give it a go, with everything going on,the kept their doors open,and the environment is always clean,we have our sanitizing station at each of our designated space,which is also “social distance”acceptable,so far I have a love/hate relationship with the classes 😂 i feel Like I’m dying but somehow they know what to tell you for you to keep pushing forward! I have found my new gym!💪🏼

      Susan Rodriguez Jul 7, 2020

      An amazing place to work out. Staff is awesome. It's so worth every penny

      Jane Cervantes Mar 3, 2020

      Need to give a huge shout out to The Camp in Riverside! It is an AWESOME place staffed by excellent trainers in a great environment. The owners are amazing, and have been so accommodating ever since I joined in the beginning of this year and through a surgery I had. They took care of me and continue to help me re-cooperate, modifying any exercise, and always super encouraging. I love to work out and it has been tough to not be able to, but knowing I was coming back here was super encouraging. A huge thank you to everyone and I so appreciate all you do! I highly recommend this place to anyone, as they will work with you no matter where your level is at and to what degree you want to go. Try it!

      Tracy Balow Jul 7, 2019

      A few years ago, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, hypertension & osteoarthritis. I’ve been having joint & muscle pains along with weakness & fatigue during my flareups. Walking up the stairs caused me to be so short of breath that I found myself in bed with no energy for most of the day. I wasn’t able to take part in activities with my kids such as playing games, sports or exercising because of the pain that I was feeling. I remember just walking up Mount Rubidoux and when I reached the top i passed out and my husband have to call 911 and ended up in ER. One day, my coworker & friend introduced me to The Camp. At first, I was very hesitant knowing the kind of energy that was needed to participate in those things. I finally convinced myself to try it out in order to do something about my health. I struggled so much in the beginning and first few months. I felt even more exhausted than before and found it so difficult to keep going. I don’t know when it happened, but I found myself slowly beginning to look forward to it because of the new energy that I had slowly acquired. Determination and focus helped me through it all to achieve my goal. Family and friends have seen the difference not just in how I looked, but how I presented myself with more happiness, energy and positivity about being healthy and active. I have now joined multiple 5k’s & am able to keep up with my kids in working out and doing activities such as hiking. I even joined a planking contest during one of the 5k’s (Lexus Lace Up) and was able to last for as long as 8 minutes! This was such a huge achievement for me comparing myself to the me I knew so long ago. Looking back at pictures and remembering how I felt, I can’t even fathom going back to that lifestyle now that I feel so much younger than before. Whenever I have patients (I am a nurse by profession) that come in with this, I tell them my story to motivate them to find other ways to heal & reduce pain because I didn't want to be addicted to pain meds for the rest of my life and I wouldnt want that for anyone else either. I've been to different gym but nothing happened with regards to my health issues. I'm glad my friend brought me to this place! Lorelei Inalvez

      Lorelei Inalvez Dec 12, 2018

      Great Friendly place. if you want to get in shape and loose some weight this is the place!

      Awards and Specialties Oct 10, 2017

      This experience was one of the best and hardest in my life would I do it again for sure am more healthy and stronger then I have ever been I loved the champ transformation riverside and all the staff please change your life today make that decision to live again !!!!!!!!!!

      Chosenk Apr 4, 2016

      The Transformation Camp is one of the first camps I join coulnt had make a better decision. The work outs are awesome,right there you get the trainers help they guide you and help you out if you are not doing your work outs the safe and correct way. All the staff are amazing great help if you have questions or problems with your eating. I am so happy with my results i started at 154.7 that was too much for me since im really short. I shed 22.2 pounds my body is just the way I wanted. Working out is not easy you sure get sore and painful but trust me is worth it ☺

      Yuribia Amaya Oct 10, 2015

      The Camp is great! I watched my sister in law do their 6 week challenge and she lost 26lbs - I was blown away by her pictures. So, when I found out how the challenge worked - I thought I'd give it a try. 6 weeks later I'm down almost 25 lbs myself. It's pretty amazing. It was challenging - but it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I made some good friends and had a lot of fun too! I think everyone should try it! EDIT: So I did a SECOND weight loss challenge at The Camp - and sure enough - I Lost ANOTHER 20lbs. I went from over 200 lbs down to 170 and I have muscles and definition I’ve never had before. I think I may just become an annual member and keep this up year around!

      mike massaro Feb 2, 2015

      I appreciated the hard work of the Riverside trainers that continually pushed, encouraged and motivated myself and others in the six week challenge to keep on going on...... And I am going to keep going on, this is just a new beginning of a way of life for me...... Thank you all for your dedication and energy you have shared to improve our way of life :D

      Trina Toepfer Feb 2, 2015