About The Founders

Alejandra Font

Alejandra Font is the Co-Founder of The Camp Transformation Center. She has almost 20 years of entrepreneurial experience and over a decade of founding The Camp Transformation Center. Her passion for fitness and transformation led her to starting The Camp TC, a fitness brand that has impact thousands of lives.

Alejandra runs 2 companies and 3 company owned Camps. The Camp Franchise Systems with over 150 franchised locations and Myo Sports Nutrition, a supplement and apparel line. Alejandra has been able to scale her businesses with the focus on developing strong teams that are customer centric with an emphasis on community building. She has a Bachelors Degree in Sociology, has competed in 3 NPC Bodybuilding competitions, where she has placed consistently between 1-2nd place.

Alejandra Font

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Luis Font

Luis is an entrepreneur with almost over 25 years experience in businesses ranging from quick service restaurants, direct sales, digital marketing and fitness gyms.

Luis has played an important role crafting the Vision, Mission and Culture of The Camp Transformation center, the day to day operations, development and expansion of The Camp Franchise Systems, and MYO Sports Nutrition.

He’s been instrumental in creating the management infrastructure and in the continued growth of The Camp Franchise Systems. He holds degrees in Finance and Economics from The University of Houston.

Louis Font

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Sam Bakhtiar

Sam Bakhtiar was a Co-founder of The Camp, a champion bodybuilder, author, and entrepreneur and social media influencer.

Sam was born in 1973 in Iran, a war-torn area and active combat zone. At 3 years old his father left the family and never came back. Fleeing the war, Sam’s family moved to France then the United States as refugees. They settled in a small town called Sharon, Pennsylvania. Sam was a misfit and accidentally discovered his passion in fitness. His passion led him to become the first bodybuilder in history to win 1st place in every weight class… all while attending school to become a doctor of chiropractic.

Post-college, he started a gym that found success, then failure in the 2008 economic crash. From there, he Co- founded The Camp Transformation Center, helping over 100,000 people lose weight and transform their bodies. The Camp has since expanded to 150 awarded locations worldwide and is expanding rapidly.

Aside from building his businesses, Sam invests heavily into the 1% Movement, engaging with people on social media in his quest to help a million people change their lives in the areas of Faith, Family, Fitness, Finance, and Fun.

Sam Bakhtiar

05/01/1973 - 12/23/2020